About Us

About Us

Company Overview

Gifts & More is recognized as one of Zimbabwe’s premier marketing and gift branding companies, with extensive affiliations and partnerships in South Africa, Zambia, Asia, and beyond. Our company was founded in 2010 with a deep-rooted passion for branding corporate apparel. Our comprehensive portfolio of services encompasses diverse areas such as marketing, communications, PR services, sales promotions, corporate gifts, digital marketing, and events management.

At Gifts & More, we stand by your side throughout the entire branding process, providing guidance until your brand is ready to take flight and become a flagship in your industry. Our team of experts diligently monitors the evolution of your brand, continuously crafting tailored services that cater to your unique needs and demands. We take pride in understanding our clients’ requirements and valuing our strategic partners as we nurture their brand until it shines on its own.

Our Mission and Values

Our Vision

To establish an Afro-centric business Solution Centre, culminating in the growth of an independent economy.

Our Mission

To re-define creativity adding value and a distinct difference that inspires brand recall and loyalty.

Just 6 points on “Why Us”


We offer complete Marketing, Advertising and Branding services;

1. We have consistently made sure our clients have garnered successful ratings through branding over the years.

2. Our aggressive approach has seen us grow to be a fine Solution Centre whose products and services are well crafted to meet the needs of our individual clients in the marketing sphere.


We have a very competent team that have mastered our clients’ brands. They ensure all production standards are met thereby providing better control over delivery timelines, quality and managing of costs.


Our experienced team executes and delivers your brand requirements with high efficiency and consistancy all the time, on time and on spec. At Gifts & More we have an obsession to create value and enhancing customer experience.


Super responsiveness is a strength at Gifts & More. Our production lead time is next to none. The global supply chain at our disposal has yielded into a culture of excellence.


We are now in the space age, and Gifts & More is your network service provider to explore and grow, relevant to your market, timeously.


At Gifts & More, we offer practical, everyday business solutions with our hands on approach to your branding needs. We keep up with modern trends, styles and approaches in this fast-paced, evolving global village, so that your brand stays current, maintaining its global appeal, hence our value proposition - Practical and Trendy.

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